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It’s been brought to my attention that there is no obvious Dublin meetup on the 7th. I am prepared to arrange one if its something people want?!

If you are from Dublin please message me and we will discuss locations (because I ain’t got a clue!)



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I kind of miss the times when Hannah/ Mamrie would randomly be in Grace’s videos (and vice versa) because they were already hanging out in eachother’s houses..

Filed under hartbig holy trinity grace helbig hannah hart mamrie hart sorry for being a downer remember those times though? I think in some ways their friendship has obviously grown stronger over the years but I feel like it has become slightly less casual? I tyoe just ignore this I know they love and care for eachother their casual and impromptu videos are pretty much non-existant nowadays I think it's just 'cause they're so busy anyway doubt you read this if you did... Hey