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Love and Evasive Action


Oh shit guess what surprise.

Hartbig. All lies. Multi-chapter. SFW. Who knows. Sparked from a prompt by M, which I plan on playing merry hell with although at least I decided against setting it in the sixties

This is just a brief intro. If anyone actually lives in the area I am writing about please don’t correct me, I have done only the most basic research.

Part One…

After two weeks, Grace decides that humans probably can’t die from too many new things happening at once.

Otherwise she would probably have been a tragic statistic; Yet another American fails to acclimatize to London living and keels over from sensory overload.

But it is a great deal of new at once, Grace decides, and she’s excused that constant feeling of just about fighting off a panic attack.

A new job, new home, new city and new country all at once is a bit much, probably even for the sturdiest of personalities. And Grace has only cried two times since she arrived - once when she first unlocked the door of the apartment (studio flat, she reminds herself) and had discovered that ‘semi furnished’ meant ‘we’ll give you the bed frame but no mattress’. And the other time when she’d gotten very lost on her way back from work, and had to ask the least scary stranger on the sidewalk (pavement) for directions. The tiny woman had stared at Grace as if she was dumb, and then pointed at the street sign just across the road, because it turns out that Grace had been lost and panicking for a half hour all the while only being twenty yards away from her building.

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And so it begins. I am very happy about this!