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Anonymous asked: What do you make of the confession blog?

I haaaaaaaayte it.
Because, like we get it! Not everyone is perfect.. But I you feel this way about someone I don’t see why you can’t just vent about it to a friend? As opposed to posting hurtful ‘confessions’ to places where fans of (or) the people will see them..?
I just don’t get it..
Some of what is being posted is super hurtful, and these people opinions are being posted to sound like facts too?!
Idk man.. It’s causeing quite a bit I upset in the fandom.. Which sucks.
I sincerely hope it/they get shut down soon..

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Grace and Hannah explain the drunken misadventures of 'HannahCon'


In which Hannah, Grace, and Harley discuss how they terrorized a hotel for Hannah’s birthday.

From the Nerdist podcast episode ‘Youtube Titans’ (Free on iTunes)

This is just… All the yes.